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StreamLine Pico LAR

Order Code: 4516 (PCB, Battery, Battery-adapter Cable. 

The StreamLine Pico LAR is the smallest device available for personal tracking, asset tracking, remote control of devices. With its micro USB connector and the integrated buttons, the StreamLine Pico LAR can be integrated in virtually any device.

NOTE: Module ships as PCB,Battery,Battery-adapter Cable. No Housing!

If a module with housing is required, please check the StreamLine Micro.

Key Benefits

  • Ultra Low Power. The StreamLine Pico LAR can be put in a power down (deep sleep) mode, where it will use a minimum on power. Waking up the StreamLine Smart can be done by motion detection and/or input button activation and/or timer and/or external power
  • Ultra small design.
  • Integrated GPS antenna
  • Integrated GSM/GPRS antenna
  • Integrated active RFID
  • Chargeable by any USB 5 Volt
  • 3 axis acceleration sensor (motion detection / tilt detection)
  • Quad band for worldwide coverage
  • Dual charge protection for voltage and temperature
  • SOS button, user configurable
  • Remote, over GPRS and SMS configurable
  • Event driven, 300+ events
  • Over 4000 geozones


Download StreamLine Pico Datasheet


For the StreamLine Pico LAR, the following optional products are available:

For use in a truck or vehicle
For charging the Smart using a standard USB charger. The Charger Cable fits in a standard USB, as used on most PC's and chargers for modern devices
The Li-Ion StreamLine Nano/Smart Battery offers about 4 times usage time. As it will not fit in the housing, this battery will mostly be used in OEM applications where only the PCB and battery will be used
For configuring the StreamLine Smart. The Setup Software is available for registrered resellers/developers only